Time Machine - Antwerpen Memory Game

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Match the pairs of before and after photos of the streets and squares in Antwerp!

Can you recognise the streets and squares in the Antwerp of yesteryear? Match the recent photos with the archive images of the same locations. Train your brain and your sharp eye with these 60 memory game cards with past and present photos of the city.

This game is based on the book Time Machine – Antwerpen by Tanguy Ottomer, who dove into the city archives and selected his favourite old pictures of the city on the Scheldt. Armed with those old shots and his camera, photographer Jeroen Verrecht trailed the city to re-capture the streets and squares in the present day, resulting in fascinating before and afters. Sometimes the cityscapes on the old pictures have remained largely unchanged, sometimes they're nearly unrecognisable. In that case, you'll need to search for buildings or landmarks to give you a clue.

Like the book, the Time Machine memory game is a new ode to Antwerp made by the city’s most famous tour guide Tanguy Ottomer. It’s the perfect item for a nostalgic and fun game night and also a real conversation starter between different generations. All in all, the perfect holiday gift for anyone who loves Antwerp and enjoys taking a trip down memory lane.
  • Language: information in Dutch and English
  • 60 cards
  • box 9,5 x 12 x 2,1 cm