The World's CRAZIEST Drinking Games

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A Compendium of the Best Drinking Games from Around the Globe

Strap yourself in for a barrel of laughs and a party to remember with this incredible collection of booze-based games from around the world.

This comprehensive guide gives you all the essentials required to play, including difficulty ratings, a "what you need" section and clear game instructions.

Don't worry if you're new to drinking games - all you need is a generous amount of your favourite alcoholic drink, a few common household items and the desire for some outrageous fun with your friends.

But this is no ordinary collection of boozy shenanigans - it contains the collective knowledge of beer chuggers, gin swiggers and wine sippers from across the globe. Learn how to wear "Chicken Goggles" like the Aussies, beat the Brits at "The Horse Race" and "Slip It In" like an American.

And that's not all: while you're waiting for your turn, you can distract and amuse yourself with one of the many random drinking facts and myths found throughout the book - that is, if the room isn't already spinning.

Forget "Beer Pong" - these are the world's CRAZIEST drinking games!

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