The UNESCO Global Geoparks

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Preserving nature's wonders for future generations

UNESCO and gestalten collaborate on a book about the planet's spectacular landscapes, allowing readers to discover, enjoy, and learn more about the planet's natural wonders.

Encompassing sites across 46 countries, UNESCO Global Geoparks feature extraordinary geology and landscapes. Featuring world-class images, the title highlights the stunning beauty of these geoparks while taking the reader on an entertaining and insightful journey that unravels the mystique behind each site. What makes it special? Why is it worth preserving? How might it look in 100 years? We impart knowledge through detailed texts that are both authoritative and digestible for the layman.

Fun facts, dos and don'ts, and geotourism guides ensure the content remains agile and engaging throughout, helping lay bare the jaw-dropping scale of each bucket-list destination. This book showcases nature in its rawest, most glorious form, doing so in an aesthetically wondrous way.