The Little Guide To David Bowie

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"I don't know where I'm going from here but i promise it won't be boring" David Bowie 1997

David Bowie: The man, the writer, the singer and the musician. He was brave, intelligent, imaginative, suave, cool, sexy and an inspiration to his legions of fans. And while Bowie was unable to live forever, his music and his wit will never expire.

Filled with quotations by, and about, one of the most innovative artists in history, The Little Guide to David Bowie is the perfect companion for Bowie fans everywhere, with a collection of bite-sized quips that helps capture exactly what made him so special. From insightful quotes by fellow artists, collaborators and friends, to words of wit and wisdom from David Robert Jones himself, you'll fine more than 170 amusing and inspiring soundbites inside.

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