The Little Book Of Tea

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A compendium of tea quotes from famous figures and icons of our time. Includes fascinating facts and figures around one of the world's favourite drinks.

Tea is so much more than just a drink. Tea is part of the rhythm of life; it's helped shape our day, every day, for over 5000 years. Making someone a cup of tea is an act of everyday kindness. As the English playwright Arthur Wing Pinero said, "Where there is tea, there is hope." For some it's what helps us get out of bed in the morning, for other's it's a welcome breather during a hard day's work. Tea is our go-to when we visit our friends and family for a catch-up and, in times of crisis, we put the kettle on and make a brew.

This book is a celebration of all things tea - whether you take yours black or green, with lemon or ice, this cosy colelction of trivia, musings, tips and quips is for tea lovers everywhere.

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