Stuff Every Dad Should Know - Brett Cohen

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On the heels of the successful Stuff Every Man Should Know and Stuff Every Husband Should Know comes the most important volume yet in Quirk’s handy guides to practical manhood: Stuff Every Dad Should Know. It’s full of the indispensable hands-on wisdom that all fathers need in order to instill that comforting sense of “dad awe” in their children, including:

  • How to Fix a Boo-Boo
  • How to Stop a Temper Tantrum
  • Five Great Books to Read with Your Child
  • How to Rid a Room of Monsters
  • The Birds and the Bees for All Ages
  • How to Photograph Your Child
  • And many more!
Blending humor, practicality, and wholesome family values, Stuff Every Dad Should Know is a Father’s Day slam dunk and a must-have pocket reference for any dad or dad-to-be.