STAY FOR BREAKFAST - Recipes for Every Occasion

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Breakfast is the first and, some say, most important meal of the day. It can range from a simple cup of freshly brewed coffee to an extensive leisurely brunch. While everyone has his or her own morning routines and rituals, breakfast customs from other countries can offer appetizing alternatives.

Stay for Breakfast presents breakfast ideas from around the world in all their delectable diversity from poached eggs to cold-pressed juices and from granola with chia seeds to the classic english breakfast . Its spectrum of recipes will give readers the opportunity to rediscover traditions and be introduced to enticing new possibilities. In the process, the book will inspire them to make more time for their morning meal and for themselves. Stay for Breakfast provides inspiration for creating the perfect start to any day. Whether for adults or children, gourmets or athletes, friends or lovers, explore the varied incarnations of breakfast: from a meal for one to a family picnic.

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