STAR WARS: Yoda One For Me

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A Little Book of Love from a Galaxy Far, Far Away

A sweet and funny collection of Star Wars messages of love and friendship: a little hug in book form. Tell the person you love that Yoda One For Me with this sweet book featuring beloved Star Wars characters and heartfelt, funny sentiments and artwork on the theme of love and friendship. From BB-8 holding a rose ("I am the droid you are looking for") to an Obi-Wan For Me box of chocolates, a retro videogame style Vader surrounded by hearts, Boba Fett as Cupid, and Chewbacca holding the Woo Key to your Heart, this charming collection of art created by Lucasfilm staff and fan favorite artists Jeffrey Brown and Katie Cook is the perfect gift for a special someone in your own galaxy, not so far away.

HB, 114 x 152 mm, 64 p