Rosa Centifolia Pop-Up Flower

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We are introducing a new collection and a unique way to explore the art of folding with this POP-UP flower. You’ll explore the POP-UP technique in an easy-to-understand manner, witnessing how these creations emerge from the paper in an unexpected and enjoyable way. Gardening with this rose is sure not to prick you! This kit also includes an art print featuring the Rosa centifolia in A4 size. Inside the folder, you’ll find all the materials required to craft the pop-up!

The kit includes 5 sheets of art paper with a range of colors and thicknesses to build your flower. The final size of the POP-UP once unfolded is A3 (42×29,7 cm).

Furthermore, it includes an art print with some information about the species and step-by-step assembly instructions. In addition, this collection features double-sided adhesive tape, all prepared for assembly. All these materials are neatly packaged in an an attractive and resistant folder.

  • size: 30 × 22 × 0,1 cm