Revolutionary Minds

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Examining challenges from different perspectives is crucial to solving complex problems.
A change in perspective helps us question traditional ways of thinking and find innovative solutions. That's where the Revolutionary Minds card set comes in.

The purpose of this card deck is to encourage the examination of challenges from different perspectives. The deck features inspiring personalities such as Malala Yousafzai, Elon Musk, Frida Kahlo, and Steve Jobs, who are known for their unique problem-solving abilities.

Each card in the deck includes a brief description of the personality, a quote from them, suggestions on how to use the cards and descriptions of different approaches that can help in developing ambitious solutions. Additionally, the deck provides three blank cards that can be customized with personalities that are significant to your community.
  • Jump-start discussion and creativity.
  • Enjoy role-play and benefit from having a different perspective.
  • Learn how to foster innovative thinking and question traditional ways of thinking.


  • Boxed Set
  • 44 cards
  • 225 x 162 x 32 mm