Pyrrhula pyrrhula

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The bullfinch is a figure that stands out for the intense red colour of its chest and the plump shape of its body, which give it a friendly and amusing appearance. It is an easy to assemble figure, suitable for anyone who wants to have a good time doing handicrafts.

The kit contains 5 sheets of dyed-pulp art paper, with 50% cotton content and resistant to light, an educational sheet explaining the main characteristics of the bullfinch and a set of assembly instructions. The pieces are pre-cut and marked in order to facilitate folding and assembly. The materials come packaged in a tough, attractive folder. White craft glue is needed to assemble the pieces of the figure together.

  • It is a figure with a low level of difficulty.
  • Weight 0.120 kg
  • Dimensions 22 × 22 × 0.5 cm