Places Beyond

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The photographer and visual artist Erik Johansson creates surreal worlds through his own unique method. It often takes him months just to make one image, in a process where his photographs are combined so that an original place emerges. The result is often humorous, sometimes even scary, but always mind-blowing. Erik Johansson has become world-famous through his captivating and detailed images. Places Beyond is his second and biggest book so far, presenting his best images in large format. He also reveals the secrets of his method in an inspirational chapter where he explains his creative process. Places Beyond contains more than a hundred stunning pictures.

- Features classic images as well as never before published photographs
- Includes a chapter explaining the wonder behind Erik Johansson's images and how they are created
- TedTalk star with a huge social media following -389k Facebook followers, 155k followers on Instagram, 76.3k YouTube subscribers and 11.9k followers on Twitter

HB, 232 x 295 mm, 144 p, 105 colour illustrations