Pets Rock

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Big news for all fans of pop culture, cosplay, and pets: Pets Rock from teNeues is back!

Since its launch in 2008, the Pets Rock phenomenon has gone global. The project, which transforms adorable four-legged friends into wannabe-famous celebrities, now has more than 75 adored characters, a global fan base, and a whole range of coveted merchandise, from cushions to clothes.

After two best-selling editions of the Pets Rock franchise, this new volume presents the latest portraits from the Pets Rock cosmos, all of which are created by photographing the animals in their familiar environment. In the species-appropriate post production, the models are digitally transformed into hip-hop greats, film divas, and historic personalities. We meet a guinea pig, who becomes a Roman Emperor, a cat in a movie star pose, and an astronaut dog en route to the first moon landing. If this book does not make you smile, we don't know how to help you! Pets Rock rocks!

HB, 320 x 250 mm, 160 p, 90 colour illustrations