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Stefan Christmann

The life of emperor penguins in different phases: from finding a partner to raising young penguins * Personal experiences showed by the photographer and his insights into the mystical Antarctic winter There is only one bird species that hunts in summer and rears its young in winter: the Emperor Penguin. These extraordinary animals survive the relentless Antarctic climate, braving an average temperature of -49 degrees Celsius, thanks to their special adaptation to the cold, as well as their loving, attentive, and helpful interaction with each other and with their offspring. For this impressive penguin book, award-winning photographer and geophysicist, Stefan Christmann, accompanied a penguin colony in Antarctica for several months, capturing different stages of their lives. His sensitive images are a beautiful document of penguin behavior, as well as the rugged, hostile ice landscapes they call home.

HB, 314 x 245 mm, 200 p, 150 color illustrations