Paper Tree

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PaperTree is an elegant Christmas tree made of recycled cardboard. The ingenious folding technique makes the tree solid and elegant at the same time. The tree can be easily decorated with Christmas balls, but also with magnets and pushpins. This way you can decorate PaperTree completely to your liking. PaperTree is 75 cm in height.

Every year billion Christmas trees are sold. The majority will be thrown away after nearly three weeks of use. A way of consuming which is completely outdated. Luckily, as of now, you can contribute to a beautiful and sustainable Christmas with PaperTree.

When the holidays are over, Paper Tree can be easily folded back into a flat pack. This way you can store it using little space and set it up whenever you need it. It takes just a few seconds to make it ready for use again.

PaperTree is available in the colours white and black which makes it suitable for every interior. For instance in the living room, but also the (children’s) bedroom or at the office.

PaperTree is produced in the Netherlands with lots of love and attention. The use of material, the local production and the re-use of the tree make PaperTree a beautiful sustainable gift for all your friends and family.