One Photo A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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Inspiring photo challenges to help you slow down and look around

Whether you’re using a top-notch camera or the one on your phone, anyone can practise being more present through photography. A Photo A Day Keeps the Doctor Away will help you do just that, through 160 photography challenges such as:

Photograph your house as if you were putting it on the market.

Walk into a museum or gallery and take a picture of the artwork that you would take home with you if you had an unlimited budget.

Approach someone on the street that you think looks very special and take their picture.

Visit the most touristy place in your town or city and take pictures of it as if you've never been there before.
Every challenge is accompanied by a carefully selected quote and a unique hashtag, so you can share your creations with the world.

About the author
Joost Joossen is a freelance photographer who loves to read and write. For over twenty years he has been shooting for magazines, newspapers, television, NGOs, governments and advertising agencies. Joost also teaches and gives inspiring workshops on looking, seeing and being.

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