Natural Square Paper Wallet

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Inspired by origami folding which looks at careful and clever construction, this wallet is made from a single pattern piece of cement paper that has been fused for strength and coated (with an environmentally friendly treatment) to be water resistant. This compact wallet answers all cash, card and coin needs.

Features: Held together with precise folds and stitch, the Square Wallet has 4 card pockets – each that can hold multiple cards, a centre bill fold and a hidden coin compartment. This coin compartment fits flush between the back and the middle layer of the wallet and is our favourite feature making this wallet truly unique.

All sections are held tight by a central magnet that closes each side with a satisfying snap!

With time, the wallet takes on it’s own personality. If it lives in the back pocket of your jeans it will take on some of the denim dye, but durability is in no way compromised.