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Craft a Home presents bespoke interior solutions and the skilled people that create them. Was everything better in the good old days? It's a widespread fallacy, at least when it comes to crafts. These days, more and more people are on the hunt for high-quality furniture, including custom kitchens, hand-woven carpets or regionally crafted cupboards-appliances with a sense of history and personality, built by small manufacturers. Craft a Home introduces the craftspeople and designers that use traditional processes and modern materials and technology to create furniture and accessories-redefining the modern standard with a nod to the past. Who specializes in marble inlays, and who is the go-to for a bespoke stool? And where can we find these unique designs? Craft a Home explores this world of value, celebrating the best in the business for every aspect of design.

HB, 300 x 240 mm, 272 p, throughout colour illustrations