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Creating a Purposeful, Personal Space

"Home" is more than a place for Ariel Kaye-it's a feeling. Home makes you feel welcomed, nurtured, authentic, secure, and happy. Ariel has built a business around helping people cultivate comfort in their homes. In this book, she offers tangible ideas, tips, and tools to help you take the space that you have and make it as functional, practical, and beautiful as possible, all while creating a home that is uniquely you.

How to Make a House a Home is not only a go-to resource, but also a journey of self-discovery. It covers everything you need to know to infuse your space with mindful choices-including color palettes, textures, organization, plants, furniture, and ambiance-that speak to your style, your lifestyle, and your soul. Whether you're renting an apartment or looking for new inspiration for your house, with How to Make a House a Home you'll have all the guidance you need to create a space that engages and restores your mind, body, spirit, and senses.

HB, 216 x 165 mm, 224 p