HOW TO BE A BIG STRONG MAN A Modern Guide to Masculinity

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This book is definitive proof that masculinity as we know it is a myth. A big, dumb, silly and quite poorly constructed myth! This book pokes light-hearted fun at the very notion of manhood, by offering a contemporary guide to masculinity. Thus: How to Be A Big Strong Man.
Through its 150 tongue-firmly-in-cheek illustrations by queer artist Samuel Leighton-Dore, this book explores the many identities of a modern man. Manly man gets a pedicure, and manly man calls his grandmother for a nice long chat. Above all, a manly man can cry whenever he pleases and knows that "manliness" is an outdated construct. Duh! Just a few short years ago, anyone using the term "toxic masculinity" would likely have received blank stares or derision in return. But now, at this critical societal juncture, everyone is thinking and talking about how ideas of manhood (as prescribed from birth) affects the way men think and act. How to Be A Big Strong Man explores all these weighty ideas through its cute, sassy and satirical cartoons.

HB, 200 x 145 mm, 144 p, throughout colour illustrations