Helianthus Annuus Pop-Up Flower

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We are introducing a new collection and a unique way to explore the art of folding with this POP-UP flower. You’ll explore the POP-UP technique in an easy-to-understand manner, witnessing how these creations emerge from the paper in an unexpected and enjoyable way. The sunflower has everything but the seeds to give you a good time! This kit also includes an art print featuring the Helianthus annuus in A4 size. Inside the folder, you’ll find all the materials required to craft the pop-up!

The kit includes 5 sheets of art paper with a range of colors and thicknesses to build your flower. The final size of the POP-UP once unfolded is A3 (42×29,7 cm).

Furthermore, it includes an art print with some information about the species and step-by-step assembly instructions. In addition, this collection features double-sided adhesive tape, all prepared for assembly. All these materials are neatly packaged in an an attractive and resistant folder.

  • size: 30 × 22 × 0,1 cm