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Go Your Own Way

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Hacks, Tips and Tricks to Travel the World

You can do anything! That's the bold realisation that every reader will come to. Because the world might seem like an intimidating place: a place where no one speaks your language, where no one knows your name and where no one is there to help; but the reality is very different. Travelling solo is empowering. It's a way of seeing the world and having a good time, and realising you really are capable of amazing things. Go Your Own Way is a practical and aspirational book designed to help you take your first bold steps into solo travel, with tips on preparation, planning and safety, as well as inspiring and amusing tales from travel writer Ben Groundwater s own experiences. The book includes detailed guides to the 10 best cities to travel solo (Tokyo, New York City, Buenos Aires, Queenstown, Sydney, Saigon, Esfahan in Iran, Berlin, Lisbon & Amsterdam) as well as where not to go on your own, and gives ideas for how to travel consciously and in a culturally sensitive way. Go Your Own Way will help you meet people, make friends and do all of the things you love in your own company.

FLEXI, 210 x 190 mm, 256 p, throughout colour illustrations