Friends Jigsaw Puzzle - 500 pieces

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“Pivot. Pivot. PIVOT” – Ross Geller, 1999

Ross’ sage advice on the art of pivoting might just come in handy when the time comes for you to assemble the individual pieces of “Friends Jigsaw Puzzle: The one with 500 pieces”. Jigsaws are thundering their way back into vogue, especially in these screen-heavy times where we all craving any form of digital detox. This 500-piece jigsaw puzzle is going to take some good ol’ fashion puzzling – after all, you can’t google a jigsaw puzzle.

In the “Friends Jigsaw Puzzle”, it is the six iconic characters of Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, Ross and Monica whose iconic faces make up the intricately designed and illustrated jigsaw pattern. This is a perfect gift for the fans of the TV show that first aired more than twenty-five years ago (and that continues to gather ever more fans, thanks to the proliferation of streaming services). Stream your favorite season of Friends while you’re solving the jigsaw for the full immersive experience. Recommended pairings of puzzle-centric Friends episodes include: “The One with the Embryos” and “The One with the Baby Shower”.