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An I-Owe-You Card Game For Fun Couples

Favors is a humorous game with 36 cards where you can give or take nice gestures to or from your significant other, friend, or family member. Whether you’re the giver or the taker, this card game will keep you on your toes and in Favor. If you’re the giver, you’ll be able to hand out a Favor card at random whenever you find yourself in a fix.

The taker will collect their card and deploy it whenever they’d like. From being royalty for a day to earning one home-cooked two-course dinner, these Favor cards will help you navigate the maze of your own friendships and relationships in a fun way. Crafted as a card game to give and take nice gestures, Vice-associated creators Pascal and Amé created Favors during the pandemic, using it to settle disagreements, find the fun in everyday tasks, or simply just to do something nice for the other one. Dive into the deck and see just which Favors you draw!

  • Box with 36 Cards
  • 314 x 254 x 27 mm