Dilemmarama The Game Junior Edition

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The Game is Simple, You Have to Choose!

Kids of all ages can now play the popular Dilemmarama game!

Would you rather... wear the same underwear for a year OR walk on your hands and feet for the rest of your life?

Following the success of the previous Dilemmarama games, there's now a Junior edition for kids and families to enjoy. In this game there is only one real rule: you HAVE to choose!

Dilemmarama’s Junior 65 absurd dilemmas have been moulded into a fun social card game that will not only make you laugh, but will also cause heated debates and duels. There are two game options to choose from. After all, everything in life is a dilemma.

In one of the game options the aim is to become the Dilemmaestro by creating as-difficult-as-possible dilemmas for the other players. In the other option, you play in teams and try to guess what your teammates choose.

  • Learn to choose between challenging options.

  • Enjoy wacky conversations and hilarious dilemmas.

  • Get to know your friends and family even better.