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Simple Steps to Find Meaning in Your Work

Crappy To Happy: Love What You Do offers practical tips to learn to love what you do, from a clinical psychologist and mindfulness educator.
When you spend so much of your life working, it's no surprise that job satisfaction is key to your mental and physical health. Cassandra Dunn knows what it is to need more from work. This book shares her wisdom.

Crappy To Happy: Love What You Do gives advice on changing how you work to find more balance, how you think about work to make it more meaningful, or what you do for work altogether, with a series of simple over-arching steps, and then practical strategies to implement. For example, learning to play to your strengths is important in any work context, but first you have to identify those strengths, which you can do by informally polling your friends, or taking a standardised test.

Ten easily digestible chapters are each followed by three key takeaway steps, covering Start Where You Are; Play to Your Strengths, Make it Meaningful, Find Your Flow, Be True to You, Cultivate Positive Relationships, Be Brave, Create the Right Balance, Do It Your Way, Find Your Calling.
Start making your work, work for you.

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