Chrysaora Hysoscella

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Ocean currents have brought this stunning compass jellyfish specimen to join the other creatures in our unique paper ocean. With its vibrant colors and mesmerizing movements, it will transport you to the depths of the sea from any corner of your home.

Just like the rest of the “SEA COLLECTION,” this figure is crafted for hassle-free and enjoyable assembly, without the need for glue. It can be suspended from the ceiling in any room.

Are you ready to bring this enchanting marine creature to life?

The kit contains 6 sheets of 175 g coloured paper, a didactic file with the main characteristics of the compass jellyfish and also incorporates assembly instructions that guide you step by step through the construction process. All within an attractive and resistant folder. No glue is needed to make this figure, it is designed to be assembled with a system of assemblies to make everything easier and faster.

30 × 22 × 0,1 cm