Celtic Fairy Tales And Legends

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The Celtic cultures of the British Isles - Ireland, Scotland and Wales - have produced some of the richest traditional tales in Europe. Three words best sum up their themes and flavour: adventure, enchantment and romance.

In this book, Rosalind Kerven has revived the best Celtic fairy tales for a new generation. The stories are sourced from old folk tale collections from all three regions, alongside selected medieval Welsh and Irish texts.

Visit mysterious Otherworlds inside the hills and below the sea - including a land where only the truth is ever spoken

Meet iconic characters such as the first great Welsh poet, Taliesin, and the mighty Irish hero, Fionn mac Cumhaill

Cheer on bold Scots lasses such as Mallie Whuppy, as she outwits a fearsome giant, and Kate Crackernuts, who rescues a prince from bewitchment

Encounter witches, fairies, a bogle, talking animals and strange underwater beings

Each story is retold from the medieval texts and oral storytelling traditions of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with fascinating background notes and a long list of sources and further reading included. The background notes feature a list of source material, analyses of themes, and examples of similar legends from all over Europe.

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