Brain Gym: 40 Workouts To Boost Your Brain Health

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Discover 40 activity, attitude and lifestyle changes to reshape your brain. Whether you're feeling foggy, stressed, or just looking for a boost, pick out a card, perform the simple exercise and learn the science behind why it works. Choose happiness, learn to cope with stress and avoid burnout with Brain Gym.

  • EXERCISE YOUR BRAIN with 40 simple tips and exercises you can do at home and on the go
  • BEAT BURNOUT and learn to cope with the stresses and strains of everyday life
  • BACKED UP BY EXPERT NEUROSCIENCE from Dr Sabina Brenan, best-selling author of Beating Brain Fog
  • CLEVER ILLUSTRATIONS on every card by UK artist Andy Goodman
  • INCLUDES A BOOKLET with more information about the inner workings of the brain and how to make it work for you!