Belgian Solutions - Volume 3

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A third volume in the series, with 301 photos of weird everyday scenes showing that not every solution is an answer to a problem.

Brussels-based artist David Helbich began collecting Belgian Solutions in 2006: he made photos of the peculiar and sometimes hilarious, no-nonsense solutions that he spotted in his daily surroundings. Once he started sharing his photos on Facebook and other social network platforms in 2009 (The Belgian Solutions page now has over 34.000 fans) the project grew rapidly, with contributions posted by Belgian Solution spotters from around the world. In 2013, Helbich published his first Belgian Solutions book, a collection of the best photos. It was an instant success and has since been reprinted six times. Because Helbich kept receiving fantastic and original photos, a sequel was called for. In 2015, Volume 2 was published and now there is this third volume of Belgian Solutions: 301 photos with a brief introduction and bound in a beautiful linen softcover.

  • linen softcover
  • 304p
  • 11 x 17cm