Belgian Solutions - Volume 1

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Not every solution is an answer to a problem.

Belgian Solutions gathers over 300 images of witty, absurd and at times hilarious hands-on solutions for our everyday environment. The project started in 2006 as an ongoing series of photos by Brussels-based artist David Helbich. Since Helbich posted his pictures on social network platforms in 2009, the project went viral, growing rapidly with contributions posted by Belgian solutions-spotters from around the globe.

This book is the third, updated and improved edition of the original, best-selling publication, and now there's also a second volume available:

The artist David Helbich (1973) was born in Berlin. He studied composition and philosophy in Freiburg and Amsterdam and has been living in Brussels since 2002. He is a sound, installation and performance artist and has already created various experimental conceptual works for the stage, paper and online media and pubic space.

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