Anatole Micro Umbrella

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Anatole is a new concept of lightweight, ultra-compact and resistant mini-umbrellas. Thanks to its pocket size and its technology, we like to refer to it as a “micro-umbrella”: a new version of mini-umbrellas with un unbeatable size/resistance ratio.

When closed, an Anatole umbrella is just about the size of your mobile phone (17,5cm). More importantly, technical developments have been included to make it as resistant and as light as possible (only 220g).

  • Carbon 14cm reinforcement has been added to each rib. This makes the umbrella’s structure much more resistant without increasing the sensation of weight (carbon is known for being very strong and remarkably light).
  • Fiberglass is one of the main components of our ribs. It makes the whole structure of the umbrella very flexible. Our ribs will be more wind-resistant than those of ordinary folding umbrellas.
  • We chose to go for a light and strong mast made of aluminum and titanium. It folds really smoothly into 5 sections.
  • The wood handle is one of the most distinguishable feature of the Anatole umbrellas. It is carved from noble wood (maple) and is very comfortable to hold.
  • Anatole is the first umbrella to have a grosgrain hand strap. This meets the requirements of so many who like each detail of their accessories to be designed with care. Grosgrain is very resistant, trendy and dries really quickly.
  • All our umbrella covers are not only beautiful, they are also high quality. We went for the most resistant water-repellant polyester.
  • 84cm diameter when opened; unisex keeps broad shoulders dry as well as slimmer silhouettes