Off-Grid Adventures

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20 untamed travel stories around the world

Adventurous journeys to surprising destinations, far away from all the clichés
"Be your own satellite, and occasionally travel to your extremes. Deviate. Ramble out yonder. Fall apart. Rearrange all your atoms. Be mild. Take root. Foster beauty. And surround yourselves with those who make earth thrive. We become what we believe. And that adventure starts here, now."

Off-Grid Adventures brings together twenty exceptional travel stories, to special places all over the world. The Japanese art islands of Naoshima and Teshima, for example, or the coral island of Vamizi, in Mozambique, but also: South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Chernobyl and Antarctica. Explorer and writer Lien De Ruyck traveled to the edges of the world with boundless curiosity for more than ten years. She dares you to live adventurously and revive an untamed sense of wonder.

This book is a source of inspiration for the modern adventurer who wants to stay far away from the beaten track, in search of life-affirming experiences, with respect for the environment and the local population.

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