Own Your Throne

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How to Make Your Time in the Loo Work For You

We've all been there and will be back again. This very funny and actually useful guide will help you make your time in the loo more comfortable, entertaining, and even fun. Out-and-about advice includes finding and navigating public restrooms, strategies for pit stops at school, in the office, or at other people's houses, as well as special circumstances (in a porta-potty, in the woods, in outer space). Tips for optimizing your throne room at home feature playlists, dream decor, scent-sory suggestions, get-things-moving exercises, and toilet tech explorations (flush into the future). Also featuring a Things to Do While You Poo activities section, sidebar trivia from Plungie the Plunger, and reader missions to accomplish from Agent 002, this is the must-have companion for anyone's time behind closed doors.

  • Hardback
  • 177 x 127 mm
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