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* Hotly anticipated new edition of a cult bestseller - Harley Davidson Book * Revised and updated tribute to the Milwaukee legend: history, models, and engines. * Thrilling reportage of Harley-Davidson rides and lifestyle A true American veteran, the Harley-Davidson has shaped the motorcycle world for more than a century. Harley-Davidson stands for freedom, speed, powerful engines, and raw passion on two wheels. This re-fuelled edition of our bestselling Harley Davidson Book traces the making of a legendary brand: the Harley design, history, and models- not to mention the Harley-Davidson lifestyle for riders on the beach, the ice, or in the mountains. A must-have tribute for all who agree that: "On the eighth day, God created Harley-Davidson."

HB, 314 x 245 mm, 240 p, 300 illustrations