HOUSE OF JOY - Playful Homes and Cheerful Living

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Home has become even more central than it ever was. It is now a space for life, for work, and also for play. When we spend so much time inside, in one place, interiors have to be exciting, stimulating, cheerful. House of Joy is exactly that: it presents the freshest trends in playful interior design. Colors jump from furniture to kaleidoscopic walls. Lines become squiggly and bold. The palette is warm and full, and not shy of extravagance.

Step into an iridescent micro-flat in Tokyo, onto a speckled terrace in London, or into a vivacious wine bar in Moscow. Get inspired by the designers who've had enough of the drab and sombre. House of Joy is the perfect antidote for those who are starved of color and patterns, and who want their rooms to ooze with life.

HB, 290 x 225 mm, 256 p.