The Pasta Tarot

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 The sauce is in the cards

The Pasta Tarot was cooked up after we saw a hunky Italian on the beach and proclaimed "GNOCCHI!" It was then we realized pasta shapes carried meaning for us outside our bellies. Combining that insight with our knowledge of the traditional tarot and our queer Italian-American identity, we've concocted a deck to spread joy, love, and provide insight into life's mysteries—served al dente.

The Pasta Tarot is for beginner and experienced readers alike, and even for folx who just love pasta. Think of each card like a piece of lasagna— layered with texture, ingredients, and substance for your enjoyment and fulfillment. You can approach each card's meaning purely through its evocative imagery, or through a holistic tarot perspective— following the genealogy of the Rider-Waite-Colman-Smith deck.

The suits are intended to be read as follows:

  • Corta (Short Pasta)Wands
  • Ripiena (Stuffed Pasta)Cups
  • Lunga (Long Pasta)Swords
  • Minuta (Tiny Pasta)Pentacles

127 x 165 x 50.8mm | 430.91g
78 tarot cards + pamphlet with instructions