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Fourteen of the most gruesome fairy tales from around the world are re-told for contemporary readers and restored to their original, grisly versions.
Edgy, creepy and definitely disturbing, these re-tellings strip away centuries of Disneyfication of fairy tales and take them back to their gory beginnings.
At the same time, these stories have been updated for a modern audience with the addition of queer characters and positive representation of disfigurement and disability

Jen Campbell's collection of terrifyingly gruesome tales lends a modern edge to fairy tale collections for young readers. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of fairy tale history, Campbell's stories undo the censoring, gender stereotyping and twee endings of more modern children's fairy tales, to return both classic and little-known stories to their grim versions, whilst celebrating a diverse range of characters.

Featuring 14 short stories from around the globe, The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers is illustrated in a contemporary style by Canadian comic artist Adam de Souza. De Souza's brooding illustrations are a highly original blend of 19th-century Gothic engravings and moody film noir graphic novels. Beautifully produced in a hardback format with a blood red ribbon marker, The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers is a truly thrilling gift.

Table of contents
The Adults Who Lost Their Organs (German)
The Boy Who Tricked a Troll (Norwegian)
The Daughter Who Loved a Skeleton (Nigerian)
The Girl With the Horse's Head (Chinese)
The House That Was Filled With Ghosts (Japanese)
The Kingdoms at the Centre of the Earth (Russian)
The Man Who Hunted Children (South African)
The Man Who Tricked Death (Egyptian)
The Princess Who Ruled the Sea (Inuit)
The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers (Korean)
The Son of Seven Mothers (Indian)
The Souls Trapped Under the Ocean (Irish)
The Woman and the Glass Mountain (Spanish)
The Woman Who Could Remove Her Head From Her Body (Salvadoran)

  • Hardcover
  • 240 x 172 mm
  • 120 p
  • 30 colour illustrations, 56 illustrations