The League Of Lady Poisoners

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Illustrated True Stories of Dangerous Women

Welcome at tonight's dinner party, you'll be joined by distinguished guests from around the world. These unforgettable ladies have helped make femme fatales the sinister tropes they are today, and what brings them all together is their weapon of choice - poison.

This lavishly illustrated book by Lisa Perrin introduces more than 25 infamous women poisoners, exploring the circumstances and skill sets that led them to lives of crime. Learn about popular poisons throughout history and their deadly effects, and explore the common motives that drove these women to commit their dastardly deeds. You may even find yourself rooting for some of them - like Sally Bassett, who helped poison her granddaughter's enslavers in Bermuda. Other stories, though - including that of Yiya Murano, one of Argentina's most notorious swindlers and serial killers, or the terrifying Nurse Jane Toppan - may prove less palatable.

So, take a seat at this sumptuous poisoners' banquet and enjoy the impressive spread of roasted mushrooms, delectable pastries, and irresistible cocktails... if you dare.