If you don't - Donald Roos

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Saving the world by doing nothing

A little book about the big and overwhelming issues humanity is dealing with. Taking economics as a surprising stepping stone, it connects the dots between essential developments in science, history, sociology, technology, design and culture. It is not a book about terrifying numbers, but about key stories from our past and present and how they affect our future. How do we as creatives help create the world we want?

The ToDontList-Method, which featured in this book’s two predecessors, unveils a surprising truth: sometimes, the best action is inaction. This book gives you insight into how simple choices affect the manner in which we designed and can redesign our world. As a creative, you could have a greater effect not by adding more, but by thoughtfully subtracting.

You may not be able to change the world completely, but there are things you can control. This book gives the creative reader an easy-to-apply philosophy that helps them make choices. Sometimes, the outcome may be that it’s best to do nothing – if you want to save the world.

Paperback, 200 pages, 148 x 210 mm