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Thebee-eater is one of the latest additions to the Plego family. It is striking for its exuberant combination of colours, which give it an exotic and garish touch. These features make it stand out from the rest of the birds and make it the most “tropical” figure in the collection. This figure is designed to be placed in the corner of a piece of furniture, so that its long tail hangs outwards.

The kit contains 5 sheets of dyed-pulp art paper, with 50% cotton content and resistant to light, an educational sheet explaining the main characteristics of the bee-eater and a set of assembly instructions. The pieces are pre-cut and marked in order to facilitate folding and assembly. The materials come packaged in a tough, attractive folder. White craft glue is needed to assemble the pieces of the figure together.

  • It is a figure with a low level of difficulty.
  • Weight 0.160 kg
  • Dimensions 22 × 22 × 0.5 cm